Kodak Black – My Chest Out Lyrics

My Chest Out Lyrics

I’m walking around with my chest out. Who these n*** claim to be and never check out. I’m going in dawg feel like I’m the best out. She gone put up with my shit as long as she aint left out the world chilly like a left. Cold baby tea bag. I know n*** envy they be fishing I don’t seabags. Couldn’t get her up the stairs so I just fucked her on the bean bag. Say I get a n** whole team bagged he got a n** whole crew murked. I don’t take drugs but do perks like I’m from the bronx because I keep some new yerks. I’m in New York my name bill I was locked up in buffalo had the CO bring the set she hit the news got in trouble though. I was trapping out the W got Bose in the bungalow. Better say my name straight little pussy hoe with no underscore. Shake it like a Jamaican baby pon di floor you was talking like you was a pronoun take this dick what you running for. My little Louisiana bitch she walk in the house and grab the dick. I caught the play and ran the blitz got all them pussy n*** hit. I got a 380 with a clip walked in with a blink on my hip. I like the way you walk talk you walk like you got a disc in your ear. How you got a dick in yo shit baby I spent a ticket on you baby I like your stance the way you dance I don’t even like maggots grabbing on ya. Yea yea I bounced back from that shit and came back better they like how. Send My little cracker bitch through the bank teller like wow. I aint even up no bean n** I just hate fellow. Purple wok codeine but aint gone lie that green taste better yea yea. Jumped out the drop I’m ready to pop any n** top who think they that.she like the sniper between her legs while she playing with my dreads. Woke up this morning just me lil taz lil crix lil red. I smoking krip get outta my face that Zaza shit be ritz. Sosa and golden they so Sg snatch and grab shit like the feds. That shit you told aint gonna do shit but just make somebody mad. Young n** was trolling I aint forgot shit I’m just plotting I’m on they ass.