Kodak Black – Burning Rubber Lyrics

Burning Rubber Lyrics

I Pray my opps get some success in life so maybe then they’ll stop hating.

They Better Stay outta my way. That’s all i’ma say book me if you want a funeral. The patek died Roman numeral. I drop loose change on watch.

Taco Tuesdays on a yacht. I’m done playing from here on out. Before the prison day balenciaga crocs. I’m in the trenches where I used to serve rock. That’s how we celebrate party on the block. I’m pulling tricks up top road running. Got her heart on lock and I switched the code on her. I roll up in a whole other car. Now I’m on nothing I aint loving no thot. And I don’t appreciate how you been playing, you be dick riding me and them. From here on out you can’t. N** pick you a side you tryna die with. Rubi’s on my teeth that means there’s blood on my diamonds. Murder all I see I got blood on my eye lids. Murder all I see I got guns different sizes. Violate me, I told the judge come and find me. I’m a distributor putting drugs in the projects. Rapper and a shooter I don’t need a n** around me. they know how I’m rocking I’m loaded on oxy’s. Its dope in the pocket its beige. I give all the profit to bae. I’m rolling burning rubber and I’m smoking popping bool. Rolling burning rubber and I’m drinking Molly juice. Baby its for you. Say baby this for you. Lately getting faded. This is for you baby. Demons with me crazy ya. We aint picking faces yet. If anything we eating faces ya. I’m just gonna call you baby love. My life better I done stop chasing drugs. Keep 5 steppers with me because I’m in a rut. I’m chewing on a bool. Zoolin’ Like a Zool. Heading down a gator with a vapor and a loot. I’m rolling burning rubber . Smoking burning rubber. Riding on a pony so my money is in my boots. I just wanna know if your with me sir. Step n** come on step. N** step come on step. Bitch step.