Kodak Black – Colostomy Lyrics

Colostomy Lyrics

Yea n**,
Free that Yoda gang. trust.

Ey I was real on the block with the pistol. Young n** 14 shooting missiles,

Yellow tape white chalk get you an issue. Yellow tape white chalk doing bad. Pants down pussy would not sag. He was fat when he got shot he turned skinny. Drake ate up his face and he smell shitty.

I put a n** in his shit back, he shitted. Yea that’s facts. Smoking opp pack this shit thrax i’ma plead the 5th I shot by sak’s sliding with no tint tryna catch. Young n** in the tent, in the jag, I had went to running I got back I promise they aint fucking with lil yak

Promise they aint fucking with my clique. Beat a n** block with a stick, yak say get ya its a blitz. Head shot Bop its a hit

Wiz you know how I’m zoolin’ AR 15 with the coolant. N** what it is what we doing. How you funna play it lets get moving.

Beat a n** block all night. If we see the n** its on sight. Write that boy a letter send that boy a kite. Get up on his clothes take a n** life i’ma catch a body n** you gone die, i no doubt you scared I can see you eys. Bop bop bop.

PCB with the spice. I’m a big ole Z I’m a snipe. I don’t petty beef its for life. I don’t petty beef I’m tryna kill. I don’t pity beef I’m tryna kill. Take the track advice off the rental. Back seat not ride or not the middle. I’m the only who sent it how you feeling? I’m the one who did it to that n**. Bound out n** hydrolyics. I got bitches lined up in the lobby. I aint trey way I keep it shotty. I aint came to play I want your body.

I aint came to play I want your soul, your dwag got shot the n** told, we were bending back to back and the focus been back to back and some motion. Because I was smoking on this n*** potent. Heard you got me day got me floating. N*** can’t block us too much motion. I’m tryna killl that n** and get some more bands.

Bro jacking shit with no lotion. Infared bean but its green. I’ma make a scene o the scene. They don’t call me Kodak for no reason. Shot a n** lights camera action. Monkey suit on me I got fashion. Monkey suit swinging with the tree branch I don’t crip walk I do my z dance.

Bend with a stick before I bend with a Glock .i’ma hit your block with a big ass chop. Eat a n** face on site playing with my top. You aint heard about me only get the city high. Hit a scene no ski letting of 50 shots.