Yungeen Ace – Industry Invasion Lyrics


Industry Invasion Lyrics by Yungeen Ace


Aye Where Quis at?
He told me make this song anyway, he sleep Ight fuck it .. aye, aye, aye, aye, aye.
Im too real right that’s why these fuck n***** here can’t feel me
I’m still in the streets, the door still opened to kill me
Money don’t make me n**** I already ran through millions (I ran through shit) Fuck this rap shit , I see my target, im shootin
N**** this that an industry invasion, come from the trenches where it made me None of these labels better not play me
You either gon’ love me or hate me (facts)
Ion fuck wit these rappers, I’m surrounded with killers connected with trappers (trappers) I ain’t doing no gimmicks, I came in as me and that how I’m gon’ end it
Only the streets support me , that’s why I got diamond in the streets
I ain’t no role model, this life I live you can’t be me (you can’t)
I was with trey, we started wit an ounce, we worked our way to a P
Lookin up to beans, laying down on the law
Tryna get rich and get us a key
N***** this that industry invasion
Ain’t no n**** that I’m praising (fuck it)
Ion need a n**** to post me, cuz none of these n***** cant turn me up
N***** be riding the wave, I stay in my lane cuz I know what’s up Rappers portraying they killers but in real life they ain’t kill nothing
I come through in a lamb, fresh out a stollo, all black impala
Bitches say imma dog cuz they see I got diamonds on my collar
They all look at me crazy cuz I want me a song wit Justin Bieber
They say why not the hottest rappers couldn’t even cap n ion believe em (that’s facts)
This that Industry invasion, force my time , fuck being patient
I live by the street code n***** can’t come cross
No I can’t bent up , and I can’t fold, cut from a different cloth
No I can’t sell my soul, I miss the ones I lost
They say I ain’t got no soul, they double check my pulse
I left some blood in the streets, cameras surround my house Devil done took my dawgs,so i can’t talk to the reverend about it Fortune teller seen death on my card, I grabbed my gun and I shot her
The Industry don’t like the way I’m invading it
You can’t cancel me, if I want to I’m saying it (aye) Money can’t buy me bitch because I’m real first Before you diss me in a song, go on a drill first (get active) I fuck wit Kodak cuz all my n***** vultures too
Hop out da car and chase a n**** like where you runnin to My bitch she bad, know she a dime, I been wanted you Loving me not gon be easy bae I had warned you
I ain’t playing games, stepping on shit, n***** can’t step to me
I ain’t got no feelings, no remorse I ain’t got no left in me Crossed by my dawg, thought he was right but he went left on me Did everything that I can, what y’all expect from me
This that industry invasion, this that industry invasion Industry don’t like the way I’m invading it
This that industry invasion, this that industry invasion Industry don’t like the way I’m invading it