Yungeen Ace – Menace ll Society Lyrics


Menace ll Society Lyrics by Yungeen Ace & Rob49


Its like 4 inside the morning
Group hoes up In this bitch
And All my brothers Horny
But I can’t let a bitch get one up
I’m bipolar, I get to trippin and ill pull a bitch put
Purple Celine and Amiri jeans
Riding foreign cars living my biggest dream
Feel like I got rebirth when I was 16
I been running through them streets and it ain’t what it seems I turn trapping to a habit
Groupie hoes im still bagging
I did bad shit with D3 cuz thats my brother
I flew pounds back from cali
Imma trapper and a rapper
Tell my bro to put on his mask cuz he a savage
Walk it like you talk it
What the fuck you lying for ?
The vultures we on defense
While we got that iron tucked
Still ull pull up Cayenne thats the porsche ya dig
Still ull serve a mean junkie on the porch ya big
I’m with .. ace and em
Going ape shit
He want squash face to face
He tryna give em face slips
I was dead broke , n***** didnt see potential House arrest for 7 months
Where was you n*****
Pass playing with my mental
I can’t go on pain, a little sentimental
I be putting my my all on these instrumentals
I ask the lord to forgive me know that i’m a sinner
I was 14 knee eep in these streets
I was banging that fye before miami heat When the pressure one, I seem To never sleep Im quick to creep through a n**** home Put em underneath
Ain’t no more stolen cars
My brother pick me up in a audi
If it was up to me?
Take care for life cuz he was solid
I know I miss D3
But He a menace to society
I wish he was still in jail
Instead of dead that’s on my momma Why me? Still asking why me?
We did that shit together but somehow God still let me breathe
I’ve been stuck in this house
Its fucking me up cuz I miss Kieth
I called him the other day that the same shit Cuz he miss me
Deep in my thoughts
Thinking bout my brother Ksoo
I got your back no mate how this case go
I can take back when we was both sleeping on the floor In and out of bandos when we aint have nowhere to go
Me and my brother, yea we dreamed of this
I got a call from a label, I said we needed this
Now in a big house, came a long way from them rats and Roaches Mattress on the floor now we having family times all on the sofa How the fuck it’s me ?
How the fuck my god chose me
I did bad shit with Dee
Got down on my hands and knees
I still pray to my lord like I dont be sinning
He still prays to his lord, like he aint kill him
Got tired of getting evicted Walk in my house no lights in it Ion think nobody feel me
I voice this shit right from the streets So the whole world can feel us
I ain’t had no guidance in the streets But dope game and killas
You know,
Ima Menace to society you know what I’m sayin