Skrillex – Summertime Lyrics


Summertime Lyrics


Ooh, it was summertime
Spending every second with you by my side
We’ve been in each other’s lives
You my one and only, God the days they go by
See, I was such a damn fool
Almost lost you, getting caught up in my cross wire
I just knew I’m right where I should be
Ain’t no fuckin’ way, babe, I could leave

Ooh, it’s me
Ooh, an’ we


Ooh, it was summertime
Remember receiving presents from you by my side
Remember we were so damn shy
Now so obsessive, but them days, they go by
See, I can’t hide the damn truth, all about you
No one else has got my heart now
I just want you right where you should be
Every single day, no, I won’t leave