Russ – Reflection Lyrics


Reflection Lyrics


Beats from BOI1DA this shit got me reminiscing
Used to dream about the life I’m livin
I need a minute but I rarely get a second to put me first
Fucked a lotta women but I chalk it up as research
Told her I need head first I can’t just jump in feet first
Like before I look forward can you throw that thang in reverse
100 in a day off of hoodies hats and t shirts
The truth doesn’t need to be rehearsed
That’s why I speak first and think later
Developed a thick layer
Built the Great Wall of me professional brick layer
Intentional risk taker
Successional hitmaker
Safe to say it’s in my nature boy like ric flair
Liz taylor the way that most of y’all are dead late on me
Lost 30 pounds but I still had deadweight on me
Press play on me you’ll hear the future
That was 2012 emails sent to bloggers off my parents computer
Coulda played it cooler but I knew I’m 2 dope boy
To fly under raps radar
Didn’t lose hope boy
Flew past the pigeons and the planes I’m on Pluto boy
(Or mars – adlib) Talkin to the moon like I’m Bruno boy
Spending 20k a night in Montenegro on the Adriatic
Dollars doesn’t stop the family drama tho I hate theatrics
I’m just a Libra tryna balance it all
5’6 but I never met a challenge too tall
Who called? Steve Stoute
Who called? Scott Storch
I got four heads at radio on deck like Thom Yorke
Old flings tryna creep back up stay put
Caught her runnin up the hills in LA like Kate bush
Wait look I’m the truth these rappers feeding you lies
Talkin to god feels like I’m really talkin to me in disguise
Yea I grant my own wishes cuz I think I can
You see my life is just a reflection of who I think I am

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Reflection
    Performed by: Russ
    Written by: Clay Harlow, Don Mills, Jahaan Sweet, Matthew Jehu Samuels, Russell Vitale
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: Chomp 2.5 [EP]
    Release Date: 12 May, 2023