Russ – Star Lyrics


Star Lyrics by Russ


The climb that I’ve undertaken pray that I don’t slip slowly
Or get thrown off the top like I’m mick foley
My big homie was trial and error
My life looks like god heard me reciting my prayers
No divide unless it’s DIEMON dividing the shares
I’m cool with me I ain’t scared to lock eyes in the mirror
These dudes is local they be wrapped up in the usual
The World Cup is bigger than the super bowl
El stupido
I’m somewhere they need google for
Vitznau brunch raps
Their messages are regional
My messages are WhatsApp
That’s why I got the globe shook
My shows are all a zoo
Lone wolf on my hits dawg I know that I’m the truth
Rhude sweatsuit match my orange mclaren
Trae Young I be scoring and sharing with my team
Like mike breen they’d let it bang for me
Anyone who aimed for me
Ended up learning they should’ve shut up as I play Stormzy otw to London for a legendary link up
Thinkin bout how life is really whatever I think of
Thought I was the man before I ever had a fan or my own voice
Star in the car before I ever drove a rolls royce
I gotta career these rappers had a year
I felt the heat but as of late I been movin more cavalier
Self appointed king
I know the crown comes with threats so
Y’all tryna knock it off it’s in my heart not on my head tho
Good luck
My own money is what I put up
Bein a boss suits me to the t like pusha
Y’all didn’t make me so you wanna break me
Just so you can build me up and finally get to say you made me that shit is crazy
But welcome to America
Number 1 exporter of train wrecks and hysteria
Entertainment and drama
Got you messaging celebrities more than your mama
People chasin commas me I’m out here chasing nirvana
I told Gianna find yourself before you find a man
I told my mom her next house gonna be on the sand
I told my dad play golf drink catch a tan
I told frank that without him I’m not who I am
I told bugus we gon do this like we said we would
I told Milan I haven’t treated him the way I should
I told Amara you see things the way I wish I could
I told my whole team I got us we gon all be good
Imma pass out envelopes with 2 Milly a piece
So y’all can blow a million and still a have a million each
That’s really what I see
And from experience I’m good at manifesting
The industry’s on steroids we need random testing
How come the likes don’t ever match the impact
How come the streams don’t ever match the venue
I might shoot a doc and peel the whole shit back
The labels huddled up like russ we gonna end you
Fuck it
I just put a Benz in my earlobe
Player and the coach like Pirlo
Bought a skorpion nicknamed kevorkian but I hope the barrel stays cold subzero
I’m the hero in my story
But a villain in yours
Ain’t no limit on my visions fuck your ceilings and doors
I just stick to the course
I let go and let god
These women tryna ride the wave because I’m singing like rod
This whole games a facade
Bullshit aside life’s blessed dawg
And as long as I’m playin I’m the best dawg
I hope you feel the same about yourself you got next dawg
Just some shit I had to get up off my chest dawg

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