RuPaul – Cake & Candy Lyrics


Cake & Candy Lyrics


Stunting on these bitches, it’s Miss Paul just call me Mrs
Put it on for a living full time job I keep it dripping
Don’t you know flexing on these hoes
(I work I work, I work-I put in work)

I make it look easy I’m good at it when they see me
Automatic cover girl supermodel of the world
Yes I’m a pro flexing on these hoes
(I work I work, I work-I put in work)
I’ll tell you what I want

Cake And Candy Cake Cake And Candy
Just a little something that I think I deserve

They just don’t know what it takes keeping food on the table
I be slaying for the motherfuckin payroll no question, I do provide
Mama want something sweet when I’m done for the night

All day I walk sissy and it got my feet hurting
Hard to believe me never see me break a sweat, but I earn it.
I need more juice in the batteries you know these calories burnin
And it got me yearning for something that melts in my mouth
And not in my hand I can do without, but I won’t cause I can

Red velvet chiffon I ain’t talkin bout gowns it’s about to go down
And it got my mouth watering at the thought of it
I should have a little bit, but I want all of it
Cause I been so good sweet tooth cryin’ out
Want what I want and I want it right now

Fuck it up, run me that sweet
Purple yam, red bean, honey green tea
Make me say mmm