RuPaul – Black Butta Lyrics


Black Butta Lyrics


OH MY Gosh – OH MY Gosh

Who him at the function get gettin low
Two twins following him everywhere he go
Gifted slim thick thin waist still got thickness so blessed
OH MY Gosh Black Butter

Human virtue that I value most in the world
Number one that’s kindness holla atcha girl
Number two it’s a close one talkin bout that
Big big big fat fat fat big Black Butter
Black Butter Black Butter Black Butter

Oh, I hate to see you walk away
but I love to watch you go
Boy, don’t you know

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Black Butta
    Performed by: RuPaul
    Written by: Frederick Minano, RuPaul Charles
    Genre: Dance
    Album: Black Butta
    Release Date: 6 January, 2023