Rob49 – 4God II Lyrics


4God II Lyrics


What he look like still hitting licks
I got my n***** rich
A millionaire but yeah he still with it
And imma glorify the fucking trenches
They made me real boss big 49 n***** hate to see it
I took so many Ls feel like a n**** failed
They ain’t help out I had to do it by myself
i played it right when all these fuck boys left
You was up and I was down that wasn’t fair

But now it’s crazy
Cause 49 made it
He got a lil bag and he saved it
I’m treatin’ hoes like trash that used to play me
My diamonds water on god I’m so wavy
Ask me how it feel to have more hoes than a pimp
Ask me how it feel to send them home in a Lyft
Ask me how it feel they say I’m great and I don’t see it
They thought it was easy but n**** I ain’t even
Taking no brakes
I ain’t love her know no way
I’m cut up on the beat
My nickname OJ
My nickname pistol pete imma shoot and I don’t miss
My nickname number one on the hit man list

Riding around town in a bulletproof truck
I’m up her stock like Elon Musk
Trench baby I can’t cap I’m from the mud
I’m a trench baby I be broke showing love
I can’t I cant I can’t even fake it
N***** all these n***** they be fugazi
And I’m still I’m still staying real through all these faking
And they can’t they can’t stop me from shining

4 god
I’m the muscle in this bitch
I’m a 4 god
Talk shit like a pimp
I’m a 4 god
Got diamonds on
I’m a 4 god
N**** play I put it on and I’m stepping