Little Simz – X Lyrics


X Lyrics by Little Simz


The mercenary don’t fight the war for free
They fight the war for a currency, not unity, not peace
Bookkeepers with information that covers all of these details
Fake news won’t prevail if we holdin’ the keys
Land of the free, enslaved by the false pretence
They attack and we play defence
How do I make you see sense?
Have all of your thoughts deepened? Test your beliefs
If the law ain’t for us, who’s policin’ the police?
Who’s increasin’ all their fees?
Listenin’ to their speeches
How many times did we march with no shoes on?
No J’s or Louboutin
Been beaten on, we been chewed on
But it happened years ago, so we should just move on
You think that man don’t know pain ’cause he got a suit on?
‘Cause he finally got a plate that he can now have food on?
Tellin’ me that luck isn’t everybody’s friend
But, really, you can’t fathom that my tree now has fruit on
Don’t get me irate in this climate, it’s heatin’ up in that plane now
Can’t fly straight, I might up and migrate
Turbulence results in your mind racin’, prone to dehydration
Runnin’ ’cause you want freedom, don’t die chasin’
This is post-apocalyptic where we stand
You wanna give us the Bible and have us give up the land
They will dangle the carrot when nothin’ is in your hand
And tell you never to worry, “it’s all just part of the plan”
Fuck what you got planned, your wish isn’t my command
These people are not your friends, I finally understand
They wanna divide you and close people in your set
‘Cause when you’re winnin’ together, that’s bigger than any check

One day, you’ll love my pain
One day, you’ll love my pain
I need you, Lord
I need you, Lord (I need you, Lord)
I need you, Lord

Undervalued, under-appreciated in the workplace
Why give you my ideas in the first place?
Know how you contribute, they tell you “describe how”
You ask for a pay rise and they raisin’ they eyebrows
Why does my Blackness have to come with a fight now?
I’m peaceful at heart, but I suggest you pipe down
I’m not ashamed of the soil that I’m made of
Brave woman, my granddaddy is where I got my name from
You don’t know me well enough to call me “Simbi”
The closest people to me actually call me “Simz”
Apart from my family, in a lovin’ capacity
I could never sell my soul for a salary, no
They want everything I own, the audacity
Try somethin’ and test your mortality
That there is a tragedy
Oh, you mad how I clocked it and I got here?
Mentally takin’ back my power and I’m signin’ out, respectfully

One day, you’ll love my pain
One day, you’ll love my pain
Protect me, Lord (Protect me, Lord)
Protect me, Lord (I need you, Lord)
Protect me, Lord

Protect the body, protect the mind
No, God makin’ sure my blessings are perfectly timed
We, as a people, die over pride
Those handouts are never options where we reside
And I still gotta provide
What a mess I’m in, wonder if it’s ’cause I been westernised?
Speakin’ to the suits, they never give you the best advice
A lesson I’ve learnt the hard way
Emphasise real, recognise real, then you become weaponised
Oh, please step aside if you’re not fightin’ the war with us
How do you become numb to a genocide?
Can’t you see that everything we feelin’ is intensified?
Bleedin’ straight from the heart, leave you painfully scarred
Many say rehabilitation is hard
Use all your vices and escape through the dark
Runnin’ away from the childhood trauma
So, tryna get clean’s soundin’ like torture
I’m somebody’s daughter
I’m somebody’s sister, I’m somebody’s friend
You don’t see me how they see me, you see money you could spend
Took me some years to comprehend
Which led me to writin’ the realest shit ever penned
God said, “It’s time to give them some gems”
Switch your perspective, how you look at it through my lens
They can never fool me again
Never silenced, I’ma speak my truth till the end

(The Lord is with you, dear)
One day, you’ll love my pain
One day, you’ll love my pain
I need you, Lord (Lord)
I need you, Lord (I need you, Lord)
I need you, Lord (Lord)
I need you, Lord (I need you, Lord)
I need you, Lord (Lord)
I need you, Lord (I need you, Lord)
I need you, Lord

(You’ll never be alone)
(The Lord is with you, dear)

(The Lord is with you)