Little Simz – Sideways Lyrics


Sideways Lyrics by Little Simz



Toxic people get removed from where I’m stayin’
Trust me, you can leave with that same energy you came with
My pen is psychedelic, inject it
They pop pills just to get to where my spirit naturally is, pardon the kid
They say Black don’t crack
My complexion is iridescent
A student might be the one to school you on many lessons
You ain’t seen the type of shit that I have
When you men have your daughters, you’ll see how important I am
No cappin’ in these scriptures, if I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’
I might serenade myself
Sweet melodies hittin’ like a ton of bricks
You follow to fashion me while I was on some other shit
On some distant lover shit
Heatin’ up the oven quick
Seein’ what we’re doin’ over here will have you jumpin’ ship
Right now, this ain’t music one overlooks
So in doin’ that, you must be as dumb as you look

It’s funny
I find it funny, our relationship with money
We already mentally spent the damn check
That’s what happens when you don’t know when you’ll get the bag next

Mmm, yeah
Yeah, I hear all that

Look, don’t get too attached to the version that you’re seein’
‘Cause friends come and go like the change in the seasons
DeShaun, that’s my n****, it’s forever all love
‘Cah we don’t diss each other even when we disagree and
I’m ready to become all I believe in
The devil can’t illuminate my bein’
When God is omnipresent, overseein’
I’m takin’ notes from every book I’m readin’
I didn’t know the word “no” could be so freein’
Respectfully, you ain’t got a check for me
Only I know how I feel and what’s best for me
Eventually, they’ll get that I’m here as a vessel
Stop playin’ with God and your destiny
I am everything they never was, never meant to be
I’m a queen in my city, got royal-like tendencies
Walkin’ in my light, my shadow is protectin’ me
Never movin’ sideways, I done this shit my way
And I say