Earl Sweatshirt – Lye Lyrics


Lye Lyrics by Earl Sweatshirt


Yep, yep, yep

Same one that I forgot to praise still above me
One thing about it, I’ma beat ’em to the punches
Stumped all day, thinkin’, “Mama, where the love went?”
With every triplet of trips around the sun, some of the sludge get thicker
I’m chippin’ away at crust
Hold your head, your shit is in for a whole ‘nother bust
Roamin’ the citadel, on foot eleven when the spliff gave me a rush
Play in the cuts like a DJ
Let me know if you wanna tangle with some
Lemon merengue, Wallabees sole stained gum
Explorin’ a couple different avenues and stayin’ dangerous, day drunk, yeah

Sometimes the pain sit and fester into hate, beloved
I’m workin’ on it
It’s worth the time
Further down the line
Might realize
What’s yours obviously mine
Toss the sword back into the vines
Callin’ out for Lord, lookin’ low and high
Finally found it at the core of my dimming fire
What’s a little lie? What’s a little lie?
Tell ’em

Gotta make it straight
Fill the jar, it’s hot
The longer you can stand it, the straighter it’s gon’ be
I gritted my teeth, my eyes watered, my nose was runnin’
I couldn’t stand it any longer
Then my head caught fire