Earl Sweatshirt – Lobby Lyrics


Lobby Lyrics by Earl Sweatshirt


You know what it is, don’t overreact
I’m twenty-six, felonious past
Rolling with the pack, even when it switch
Guarantee you miss, don’t get too attached
Heavy weight on my back
Chamberlain with the stats
Don’t play with it, sailing the land
N***** stay with the plan, we anchored in
When I get the thrax, I’m inhaling
I happen to know the assailant
I’m happy to throw off the trail
Cover your nose, it’s surveillance
I know it’s a quota to fill
Where you going and what’s your intent?
I ain’t notice the run of the mill
I ain’t known for hugging the fence
Head hard, I’m stubborn as shit
Quick start, can’t cover the steps
Inside like my partner from 65th
Big love, but I’m from the mid
I’m coming home, but love where he slid

And he is safe, well, he is superhuman
Wow, overturned call, what a slide