Zheani – You Saw Lyrics


You Saw Lyrics by Zheani


You saw you saw all the lovely bones.
You know me as the flesh in the soil.
Just me I’m the food for the worms.
Watch me as I go it alone. Farewell
Death is bliss and she rushed to bleed
And they didn’t know how they broke her heart.
Lies told, so vicious, girl jealousy,
Reputation stabbed apart so desperately.
And no one knows where she’s gone now
But we all end up in the same place, somehow.
Sudden sickness or a cruel twist of fate,
A bloody mess of bones or a car up in flames.
Death is bliss and she rushed to bleed.
Death is bliss and she wished to be.
And now the thought of her is slipping.
Now the thought of her it slips from me.
I accept my fate, sinking down to the bottom of the bay.
Dawn of a beautiful day.
“I am gone but but everythings the same” she said, before she jumped.
If you had done more it
Could have been enough.
Her life was rough but her heart was pure and she will still haunt me I know this for sure.
Her hands were clean but her bones were broken.
Her life was Rough but her heart was pure.
No empathy, lies endlessly, no sympathy.
It keeps you up at night, it keeps you up at night.
Her hatred grew deeper.