Yves Jarvis – Projection Lyrics


Projection Lyrics by Yves Jarvis


Projected on this tableau
Really, really intimate show
Algorithmically so
And now I’ve seen everything
Heard everything
You’re offering

Quand vos arrangements cessent de nous tanner
Nous irons vers l’arc-en-ciel
(Statique) Statique, statique, statique
Complètement statique

Protected by an angle
Angel, unwittingly poached
Out from good graces, high hopes
And now this excommunion
Split up through implicit social restraints
Begs questioning

Quand vos divertissements cessent de nous capter
Nous ouvrirons le rideau au complet
Landscape, landscape, landscape
(Beautiful) Landscape

Pity I’ve been through so many trials
Foundationally, I’m scathed
Unprecedented bravery

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