Yaya Bey – pour up Lyrics


pour up Lyrics by Yaya Bey (feat. DJ Nativesun)


Oh baby let me show your ass a good time
Yea baby you gone beg to hit the rewind
Oh baby pay attention to the bass line
Yea baby theres a party at my waistline
Baby roll up the bud
Baby roll up the love
Don’t you wanna reset
You don’t wanna regret
Giving up on love
Hickey hickey hickey baby
Rolling up a little sticky icky baby
Show a n**** little bit of tittie baby
Baby pay attention to the bass line
Baby there’s a party at my waistline

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: pour up
    Performed by: Yaya Bey (feat. DJ Nativesun)
    Written by: Christopher Harris, Dre Wilson, Hadaiyah Bey
    Genre: R&B/Soul
    Album: Remember Your North Star
    Release Date: 1 June, 2022