Whethan – LOCK IT UP Lyrics


LOCK IT UP Lyrics by Whethan (feat. Yeat, midwxst & Matt Ox)


That boy is a coward like Courage
Got a good life, when I grow up, I flourish
Your bitch wanna take a pic like she a tourist
Yeah, I’m a Gemini, bitch, fuck a Taurus
They talkin’ ’bout me like I am a thesaurus
Got some boys in the hood, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Morris
We gon’ take everything in your house, get a mortgage
I need some glory, I feel like I’m Morgan, no Freeman
I drop a new song, all my fans know they geekin’
Might go to L.A. and crash for the weekend
​midwxst the name, bitch, no one can defeat him
Get in the whip, bitch, you playin’ my music
You got a gun, but we know you won’t use it
I got some power, but I won’t abuse it
I’m one of a kind, no, you can’t reproduce me
The mic is my hammer and, bitch, I am Thor
Ain’t none of y’all ready for shit that’s in store
I kill the beat, put it under me, no score
Feel like I’m Bruno Mars, open that door
I’m switchin’ the flow up, switchin’ that cadence
Finna get reckless, tired of behavin’
I’m way too ahead, I got daylight savings
I have evolved while, bitch, you a caveman
You not gon’ slide, bitch, I know that you flakin’, fakin’
I use the mic like a sword and I’m Jason
Forgin’ my words in this bitch like a mason
Bitch, I am born again, not talking Jason
I don’t play fair, get a foul and it’s flagrant
Remember recording down inside my basement
Now I’m in L.A., might take a vacation, yeah
Run the track like a motherfucking relay
Give a fuck about what he or she say
We be tweakin’ together, no BK
I’ve been bangin’ my chest like I’m D.K., spin tracks like a DJ
Lame-ass n**** wanna talk shit, okay
If we got beef, boy, you better drop it, okay
Love to talk about me, like to gossip, okay
Had to cut ’em off, too toxic, okay
In my town, bitch, I’m a trending topic, okay
Throwin’ hands like I’m in a moshpit, okay
On go, don’t think that I’m stoppin’, olé
Like I’m Doofenshmirtz, you know I’m plotting, yeah

I just made a quick ten bands, yeah
Bitch, I just pulled up in a Lamb’
I just pulled up in that big boy Tonka, I don’t got no Masi (No Masi, Masi, yeah)
I give a fuck what you heard (Heard)
You say that you poppin’, but I ain’t even heard of ’em (Woo, woo, woo, woo)
Any beat that you pass me, I murder ’em
We finessin’ this bitch and his man (Yeah)
My bitch pull up, unbuckle my pants
I tip up off the drank, I can’t stand (Luh Tris)
I got mills, top a bitch by the Lamb’ (Oh, really?)
I’m on Percs in the air, so I can’t land (Oh, really?)
For a bitch that just told me I would change (Yeah)
I took the cup, got luh Wocky (Yeah)
I’m right outside of the Benz (Yeah)
I’m finna fuck all her friends
Diamond my vision, Cartier my lens (Diamonds)
Yeah, I only give a fuck ’bout this Benz (Benz)
I only give a fuck ’bout this Bentley

Plottin’ and watchin’ (Watchin’)
This pocket rocket, I’ma pop it (Pop, pop it)
I’m stackin’ guap up in my pocket (Po-pocket)
You know what I’m rockin’, this drip, it’s exotic (Exo-exotic)
I’m switchin’ the topic (Topic), you know I’ma cop it
Coppin’ this, coppin’ that, rockin’ this, rockin’ that
Stockin’ this, stockin’ that cash (Yeah)
Stockin’ this, stockin’ them bands
Stockin’ this, stockin’ this, stock in advance
Hop in this, hop in this, hop in this Lamb’ (Yeah)
Copped and restocked and then got it again (Yeah)
Get it again (Yeah), to get it again and spend it again
I’m with the clan, they can’t understand
These aren’t even my friends, we all in a fam
This isn’t the squad, it’s full on the mob
We gettin’ the guap, then we gotta chop
Chop it up, chop it up, chop
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up, chop it up (Chop, chop, chop, chop)
Lock it up, lock it up (Lock)
Lock it up, lock it up, lock it up, lock it up (Bah, bah, bah, bah)