Watain – We remain Lyrics


We remain Lyrics by Watain


How red and full of truth are not
The stories by the fires told?
Absorbed and passed on by every dreamer
Madly drunk from embers’ glow

Always with the whirling dust
Of winding roads to mask our trail
And cloak the paths upon which we rode
So that legends dim might tell our tale

On waves of wildest oceans borne
In roaring chant, a song unheard
Thus was brought the lore, to havens far
The echo of the primal word

For what is truth but what we make it?
A tale deformed by wind and rain
By temple stone and eager flame
Concealed, in spirit
We remain
We remain
We remain
We remain

Like a marooned enchantress stranded in the tropic of deceit
The truth abides within us all
Patiently awaiting the rise of her star
And its vengeful light to shine on our betrayal

For in the breaking of the final dawn and the silencing of all
Her muted voice shall rise in grace anew
At the unweaving of the webs and the dismantling of the world
We will remember her

Hark unto its hissing tongue
That dark wind of which dreams are made
On it blows, that fateful song
On and on and on and on

What if life is but an intermission?
The flickering of dying flame
And in the endless night in which it burns
Concealed, forever
We remain
We remain
We remain
We remain