$uicideboy$ – In Constant Sorrow Lyrics


In Constant Sorrow Lyrics by $uicideboy$


Ruby be pulling these hoes all over the globe
But still I’m alone putting shit up my nose
All of the money, the cars, and the clothes
It comes and it goes
One day I’ll be ready to gather my bones
Dig me a hole
Say goodbye as my two eyes start to close
But that day ain’t even close
All of yall leave me alone
Leave me alone
Who the fuck won’t copy us?
No stopping us
She blocked me cause I’m stocking up on foxy sluts and shoddy cuffs
No roxy dust
I’m oddy nuff
The next bitch who wanna lock me up I’m knocking up
The rope in my hand keeps knotting up
I’m so tired of thinking I’m not enough

Pull up in a drop top
People tryna take what’s mine
People I called my friends
People I called my fam, goddamn
Speed dial my style for a fix
Right now and I don’t wanna hear shit
(Wait what?)
I tell a hoe take off before I cut the dope off
Living too painful to quit
I been dreaming of a reason not to paint the fucking ceiling with my brains and my pain
That’s just how the fuck I’m feeling
Tired of hurting
Feeling worthless
Is this god thing really working?
Pointless searching for a purpose
Meet me at my service