$uicideboy$ & Germ – The Serpent and the Rainbow Lyrics


The Serpent and the Rainbow Lyrics by $uicideboy$ & Germ


i think tonight is a good night to die
spent most of my life tryna hide
i’ve tried to see the whole world through a crack in the blinds
lost track of time
pull back the tide
isolating inside of the hive
ready to die
in hell i arrive
leave nothing behind but empty backwoods packs
raised by the last wolfpack
yung mutt in attack mode
taking off the sheep head mask
everything i touch turn ash and my whole soul burnt til its black
now i got horns on my head aint made out of brass
i got horns on my head like a certain zodiac

AK toting
Codeine toasting
Hoodlum from that Northside
Frequent overdoser
Im tip toeing right through hells fire
Break the law
Or break your jaw
Don’t any mother fucker come close to me
Fuck your cause
And fuck your boys
If you really wanna die then come try thee
Yung Christ
Yung Christ
Demons all around
You don’t wanna go outside
Knock knock at the door
Hey honey are you home?
You can hide but you gone die
Ride for the five
And I die for the nine
For my sin can’t atone
Mom raised a killer
Dad turned me gorilla
Ima Psycho down to the bone

i don’t wanna be that n**** livin’ no lie
i don’t wanna be on bad sides of .45’s
keep it on me no lie
keep it boppin’ hold fire
mama told me keep it solid
boy these n***** fried
bitch on my dick
lemme beat them insides
i been that n****
can’t see my demise
ride with the fire been the motto for some time
i def seen that text i’m just not gon’ reply
GREY*59 army
right foot left
peanut butter seats i keep my lil bitch fed
i only see the money i must confess
i can’t rock with these n*****
bitch im pressed
bitch lemme flex
bitch i need checks
bitch i need neck
die for the set
pulled off in a jet
got a dub on my neck
n***** down bad i might buy the whole set