$uicideboy$ & Germ – Center Core Never More Lyrics


Center Core Never More Lyrics by $uicideboy$ & Germ


diamonds hit like pop rocks
we got too hot
lightin blunts with lava
we dont do the drama but the Oscars where I’m posted at Grammys on my neck
shoot for the stars I swear to god on that
ima need you to stand on that
im tryna tap in with your almanac
wavey homies hated I got demons in my basement
n**** might piss me off ima lay his ass down on the pavement dreads swangin’
smokin’ Jamaican lookin’ for all my payments
paper chasin Haitian
move the chains like 4th and inches
im here to slay ‘em
all this lean bitch i can’t feel my body
all these pills bitch i can’t feel my body
ain’t no love in my heart I dont feel nobody
keep it to my self I might lose it cant catch a body

white dove fly high
throw my 3s up in the sky
throw my 3s around my eyes and then i call it my disguise
mask off im just outchea with a raw face
ask me how i been and i draw blanks
hold tight til my claws break
full metal jacket kinda heavy
at the bottom of the fuckin lake i parked my chevy
waiting to die but i wasnt born ready
shaking up my life im just tryna hold steady
birds of a feather flock together
grey the fucking gang
aint no one could do it better
two odd numbers right behind a fucking letter
me slick and germ our alliance is forever

i just popped a pill
pull up what the deal
pistol whip a pussy have em looping on a reel
wood grain wheel
chromed out rims
million dollar deals sign my name as H I M
tales from the north
back from the dead
hard to feel for a pussy when these thorns in my head
2 story grave
trauma on my wrist
3 fingers high other 3 in my bitch
i got problems that won’t go away
don’t understand cuz i been hitting pay
lord i pray that my bitch gay
new opps but my click grey