Tyler The Creator – MANIFESTO Lyrics


MANIFESTO Lyrics by Tyler The Creator (feat. Domo Genesis)


Lil’ white bitch gon’ say
“You need to say something about that”
“You need to say something ’bout black—”
Bitch, suck my…

That ain’t in your religion, you just following your mammy
She followed your granny, she obeyed master
Did y’all even ask up questions? It’s holes in them stories
Is it holes in your blessings?
Yeah, I’m bold with the message
I know I ain’t got the answer
But I ain’t gon’ cheerlead with y’all just to be a dancer
I’ma groove to my own drums
Sunlight in my shadow, baby
Move ’til my soul cums
Let them serpents rattle, baby

Cracking like broke porcelain, bitch
We ocean deep if you just pour us in a portion of shit
Them people try to twist my view on some contortionist shit
I had to reevaluate what was important and shit
Finders keepers, when you creep inside my mind it’s madness
If I see peace, I’m like a fiend, uh, gotta have it
Lord, cover me, I’m going in
Walls closing in
How I’m supposed to be protected when the laws want us in?
Y’all want us dead, just ’cause the skin is the black type
Teach me everything and be amazed I don’t act right
What the fuck?
I’m tapped in the matrix, I’m back and they hate it
I’m black and make ’em pay me capital statements, you dig?
Word on my back, I’m tryna fashion a statement
I ain’t no bastard, we the master of the path that we blazing, you dig?

I came a long way from my past, n****, it’s obvious
V12 engine, I’m fishtailing on some sloppy shit
Internet bringing old lyrics up, like I hide the shit
What’s your address? I could probably send you a copy, bitch
I was canceled before canceled was with Twitter fingers
Protesting outside my shows, I gave them the middle finger
I was a teener, tweeting Selena crazy shit
Didn’t wanna offend her, apologized when I seen her
Back when I was tryna fuck Bieber, Justin
I say it with my chest out
You say it with your chest in, n****
Black bodies hanging from trees, I cannot make sense of this
Hit some protest up, retweeted positive messages
Donated some funds, then I went and copped me a necklace
I’m probably a coon to your standards based on this evidence
Am I doing enough or not doing enough?
I’m tryna run with the baton, but, see, my shoe’s in the mud
I feel like anything I say, dog, I’m screwing shit up
So I just tell these black babies they should do what they want

Freedom, need ’em
My n*****, see ’em
Free ’em, don’t fuck with the law
Like, damn, Gina
So calm the fuck down before we duck rounds
And fireballs that make your family have to duck the fuck down
We’re frontline, we got the molotov that we can chuck now
‘Cause anytime we moving up, it’s like a “What the fuck now?”
They playing games, we strapping up, we cock and aim
We aim to shoot, we shoot to claim what we need
We done with pain and the grieving
N***** is done with the peace
Whether it’s personal or for the whole of n*****, indeed
I might not have dreadlocks, I might have these gold teeth
But I’m a n**** like you, and you’s a n**** like me
So let’s be n***** together, and let’s be n***** with plans
But put this plastic on first, ’cause shit is hitting the fan

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