Tyler James Bellinger – Joy Lyrics


Joy Lyrics by Tyler James Bellinger


Time to pick it on up
Cus im stitching them cuts
Gotta keep on rolling
And I’m on the right track
I don’t wanna look back
Gonna keep on going
And I know it’s dark before the dawn
It’s been way too long
Sick of hearing them sad songs
Everywhere I go
Wanna Roll down the window
And turn up the radio
Gimme that
Joy joy joy
Turn it up turn it up
Gimme some of that
Joy , joy, joy
Turn it up turn it up
Let the trees fly by
In the moonlit sky
I don’t wanna stop moving
When we hit that ground
Nothing slowing us down
Nothing left to lose and

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Joy
  • Performed by: Tyler James Bellinger
  • Written by: Aaron Sprinkle, Kyle Kelso, Tyler James Bellinger
  • Genre: Pop
  • Album: Joy
  • Release Date: -