Two Door Cinema Club – Millionaire (Dan Be Remix) Lyrics


Millionaire (Dan Be Remix) Lyrics


It’s always
A matter of time
If I can get what I want
I’ll know it’s not enough
I want excess
Just a little piece
I’ve got interest
Lucky, Lucky me

High flyer
Dancing on your table
Tender dreams
We’ve got nothing going for free
(High flyer)
You’ve got all the zeros
(No one’s giving up)
Dancing on your table

I will climb
The ladder of sin
And when I get where I’m goin’
I won’t ever quit
I’ll get higher
Climbing over you
Lower, Lower
Nothing I won’t do
Lucky, lucky you

I got some change
Selling time
I’ll be buying mine
And the love I get
If i could change
I’d be fine
Living on the line
For the thrill of it

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Millionaire (Dan Be Remix)
    Performed by: Two Door Cinema Club
    Written by: Alex Trimble, Garret "Jacknife" Lee, Kevin Baird, Sam Halliday
    Genre: Electronic
    Album: Single
    Release Date: 19 January, 2023