Tim Kasher – Forever of the Living Dead Lyrics


Forever of the Living Dead Lyrics by Tim Kasher (feat. Laura Jane Grace & Jeff Rosenstock)


Gonna cut me in half
Count the rings of my past
And the lines on my face
Count the years I’ve laid waste
And my fingers are rusty gears
They used to point straight
My feet have become drunken
My bony body sways

Gonna cut me in two
The good and the true
Let the good stay at home
Let the true out to roam
Don’t know what it’ll find out there
But it hates to be alone
I know truth can be so awful
But it’s all we truly know

Gonna cut out my heart
Gonna feed it to the dog
Gonna cut off my head
Leave it at the end of your bed
These long lives we’re promised to
These run-on sentences
One thing I know for certain
We can’t out run the dead

Forever seems so far away
But forever’s only a day away
Forever seems so far away
Forever’s always a day away

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