THEY. – Intro Lyrics


Intro Lyrics


Welcome back
If you are listening to this
It means you are ready to experience the powerful energy of tonight’s Nü Moon
Tonight, you will discover how to set intentions for what you truly desire in life
And how to realign with your highest potential
Before we begin, remember
The Nü Moon’s meant to write and renew
But it is also a time for deep introspection
You may feel your emotions being pulled towards the surface and
Experience a few twists and turns along the way
In order to harness the immense power of the Nü Moon
And finally tap into the person you wish to become
You must remember to be clear with your intentions
Ask yourself, “What do I truly want from this next phase of my life?”
Only then will you be able to truly experience all that awaits you tonight
Without further ado, let’s begin