The Weather Station – Sway Lyrics


Sway Lyrics by The Weather Station


You came upstairs in a rush
Your headphones on
You had to play me this song, you said, I had to hear it
The music struck me strange
But when the drums came in, you swayed
Turning back to me, laughing

And I move too
I move too
I move too

To undo some static in the air, the mood I was in
The mess there on the stairs, the mess left in the kitchen
The ways I will never know you
And how you may never know me
Our many if only’s

I move too
When I watch you move, too
I want to move too

When I watch you dance
You fling your hands, you laugh and laugh
High above the street, nobody gets to see you dance like this but me
When you sway, I sway, and if I could love you more I have not yet found a way

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