The War on Drugs – Old Skin Lyrics


Old Skin The War on Drugs Lyrics

Old Skin Lyrics


Old Skin Lyrics by The War on Drugs


I was born in a pyramid

By an old interstate
Been down at the yard, workin’ my whole life
To follow my father’s dream
Then watch it fade away
Wrapped in our old tired skin
Peelin’ away

All the flowers lately in our window lay in disarray
The shadows are scattered like rings of gold
And I’m watching the warm lights fade away
Gone, I’m in love with leaving
Like a fadin’ dream
Call out in the darkest moments of our love
For the rest of my days, why let it linger?
Come along we’re the same
Let’s suffer through the change

Oh my God, where do I belong?
Can I make it day to day?
I was all alone at the startin’ line
When I watched you slip away

Now I’m on the run baby, and I don’t know why
But the fear it gets too much to take
Doesn’t matter just how hard you try
When you feel so far away
I’m talkin’ of the old time
Feeling dead this way
Tired of the old life
Feeling dead this way

When you’re lost and you’re runnin’
But the roads have changed
And the forces surround you
But you lost control
And you think that nobody’s walkin’ by your side
When you’re lost in some valley
Runnin’ far behind
Yeah, you don’t need nobody, yeah

Well there’s a price for everything, they’ll try to kill you from the start
So take control of anything that tries to pull us all apart
I ain’t sure of nothing, babe, ’til I can feel it in my heart
So I keep movin’ on
Yeah, keep holdin’ on, mm