THE BOBBY LEES – Dig Your Hips Lyrics


Dig Your Hips Lyrics by THE BOBBY LEES


Well I can tell by the way that you switch it and move
She digs her hips to the beat till she’s up vertical
And I can tell from the scars on his whole pretty face
He’s sayin lets get lost and baby run far away

I know you’re hiding out now
But i’ll find ya somehow

Well I been lookin through the desert for years
Collecting every little piece from my vertical fears
But when I see him there, stuck years ago
Theres nothin left to do but go vertical

I know you’re hiding out now
And i’ll find ya somehow

I heard he’s lookin for wife number three
Guess what? It’s gonna be me
A Spanish poem for the virgin bride
Well you can take my body, just leave my mind

I know you’re hiding out now
But ill find ya somehow

It was more than a movie scene
They took the blood for the alchemy
Now I cant get it out of me
Now I cant get em out of me now

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