Tamino – My Dearest Friend And Enemy Lyrics


My Dearest Friend And Enemy Lyrics by Tamino


I’ve seen the trees
In heart of storm
In clearest skies
I’ve seen them breathe
I’ve seen them fall
I’ve seen them fly
The gentle breeze that stirs their crown
Flows from the storm that lays them down
Oh may we fight
And may we waltz
And may we find harmony
Like wind and tree
I’ve seen the sea
Give men a home
And drown them too
I’ve seen her lead
Men back to shore
To start anew
But it’s never long before
An old yearning rises for
The cradled nights
The siren’s call
Let me always return to thee
Like sailors to the sea
One day I fell
And broke my wrist
And lay still on the ground
Ants were carrying little twigs
Over my still hand
Some kids around were scorning me
Yet I heard no sound
Then as they started to kick my back
I sank into the sand
Deep down, sank deep down
Till I was part of everything
And in a grain of sand, saw peace in holy land
Saw you right in front of me
Shapeless, sacred dust, beaming light and trust
Covering all harm in shade
Then in a drop of blood
Saw wars be fought for good
And saw you make way for man’s truth
Just for a while
Though just enough
To lose my youth
From that day on
I’ve been corrupt
For I’ve held on to faith
And I’ve been knocking on its gate
To let me see you one more time
Begging to never speak the truth
More than I speak of you

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: My Dearest Friend And Enemy
    Performed by: Tamino
    Written by: Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad
    Genre: Alternative
    Album: Sahar
    Release Date: 23 September, 2022