Tai Verdes – rEaL WOrLD Lyrics

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Tai Verdes rEaL WOrLD Lyrics

rEaL WOrLD Lyrics


Lyrics for “rEaL WOrLD” by Tai Verdes


[Verse 1]
I haven’t been the same since graduation
All my friends went but I didn’t make it
They got that first-class ticket but I’m in coach
Feels like they threw me overboard, but my shit floats
I don’t need a motherfuckin’ plane, I’ll take my boat
And I don’t give a goddamn if my socks get sold, uh


[Verse 2]
‘Cause I never thought the same way as everybody else
But it still hurts, gettin’ that out
Even if it’s for a stupid piece of paper
That I don’t give two shits about (About, about)


[Verse 3]
That school’s not cool but I’m still cracked out on [?]
When I left that place, I was shakin’ on the plate tectonics
Switchin’ 9 to 5 with sweet harmonics
I’m only takin’ really, really positive, constructive comments
‘Cause now I’m sensitive as fuck


[Verse 4]
Feels like I was left out of the party
Thanks for the invite, I can hear the music all night
But when I come through, it’s only whispers
I don’t what’s worse, feeling loved then hurt
All my friends got worse but I just play in the distance
They were too busy anyways, I would’ve done the same shit


[Verse 5]
Found out the real world, doesn’t care ’bout nothin’
It shoots you in both knees, then says, “Start runnin'”, ooh, ooh
Grab your pitchfork, grab your gun
The revolution has just begun
You’re just a number to serve our funds
And when you kill over, you can be done
Nobody sees my dreams but me, but I’m cookin’ a fantasy
All the ingredients are here, just be a little patient with me


I will never ever, fuckin’ ever give up
Ever, that’s it




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