Sy Ari Da Kid – Timeless Clocks Lyrics


Timeless Clocks Lyrics by Sy Ari Da Kid


Say that
If you a industry n****, turn this shit off now
Fuck your stream
Yeah, yeah, yeah

In time, I had to learn to only eat what I can digest
I know they emulate the end result but not the process
I really been wide awake, I barely close my eyes when I rest
You n***** been out of place, walk in my home to climb up my steps
The audacity, y’all could just talk blasphemy
God witness, y’all casually bartered it
Dawg taxin’, he fraudulent
Y’all actually fallin’, it’s called gravity
Targeted across the galaxies, orbitin’
Sonin’ n*****, feel like he should call me dad, but he fatherless
To them workers that only brought me half, I need all of it
With a purpose
Made a choice and threw these stones at big boys
To whom beholds it with poise
I let Mickey use my studio to diss Royce
But not for no beef purposes
Because I peak when the heat surfaces
For these MCs to compete through each verses
And the streets nurture it
I believe in what each person is
Either you sweet or rise to your feet
I read nervousness, but at least learn some shit
Now who paid these n***** off?
He got away with snitchin’ like the old lady on the porch
I’m goin’ crazy in my thoughts, tryna help my brother eat
I’d rather die than see the day he call me boss
That shit like rabies to my dawgs, n****

Yeah, yeah
You can’t just say that he in charge, n****
Yeah, that’s facts
Them people label me a god, n****

Yeah, you know I’m usually with the fam
First you see me, then you don’t see me like Boosie Instagram
Toolie in my pants, just order y’all arraignment
I ain’t scared to get these off, shit don’t piss me off
My daughter potty trainin’
Long as I exit out that door that I just came in
Outside, you just can’t walk without no pavement
Can’t talk without no language
And of course, them fouls go flagrant
The league is soft now
Was married to the game, but we divorced now
‘Cause she endorse clout
And we ignore doubt, gon’ be a long movie
Them bitches is all groupies, broke down more n***** than Paul Mooney
Talk to me, not at me
I live with the fiends in my alley
Defended the dream like John Salley
Moms had me carryin’ groceries ’til my fingers was losin’ feeling
My father had no emotion, he told me to lose my feelings
Even if you the hero, they still gon’ treat you like you the villain
As if you the n**** committin’ all these crimes and ruthless killings
We losin’ children
Babies gettin’ lost, n****
He killed ’em with kindness, they think he gettin’ soft, n****
You pay me a late fee, then maybe we could talk, n****
Money ain’t gon’ change me, that’s like rabies to my dawgs, n****

Fraud n****
That’s y’all n*****, yeah
You can’t just say that he in charge, n****
Don’t mean all n*****, yeah
Them people label me a god, n****
On God, n****

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