superflirt – Sober Lyrics


Sober Lyrics by superflirt


Night at your old house
Empty alcohol bottles lining the walls
I remember thinking I’d never call you

And she asked me why
I don’t smoke
I don’t drink
I don’t do anything
But the truth is
When I’m drunk
I do way too many things
Involving you
That I shouldn’t do
So I’ll stay sober
‘Til I’m older

I’m cutting all ties
Cause I don’t want you to figure me out
I’ve been spending too long trying to calm down

And you ask me why I can’t speak
I can’t move
I don’t wanna take a shot with you
I don’t care
If It’s not cool
I don’t like the guy I turn into
So I’ll come through, but
Long as I’m around you, I’ll
I’ll stay sober
Til I’m older

I’ll stay sober
’Til I’m older
I’ll stay sober
’Til I’m older

And I might just freak out
Cause I’m in too deep now
Texting my friends
I’m boutta leave
Hope I get out
And nobody sees me

You’re in the bathroom
Holding my hair back and doing the most
How did I forget that I have a phone
Where the hell did it go

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