SpotemGottem – Red Nose Pit Lyrics


Red Nose Pit Lyrics by SpotemGottem


She shaking ass and I like it
I just want to fuck, a one nighter
She say how I was, I gave her a B minus
I’m rolling, I need me a jwet
Gleeson, money on my neck
Oh, y’all heard them shots rung off
I know one of them n***** dead
They say he got caught with his man
Bitch ass white chalk with his friends
I be fly, I be high, Peter Pan
Pop a yerc soon as I land
Kung Fu came from Kylan
I can’t keep my dick in my pants
‘Bout your boy, if you play, you’ll get stretched
My Z, he’ll kill for a jwet
I just crashed the scat, I’m finna go cat
You think you can really run from this MAC
7.62 bigger than a bitch, when they hit yo’ skully, they gon’ pull that bitch, quit that
He got hit with a dozen, why they do him like that?
I’m like, damn, why the fuck this bitch booty so fat?
That’s that Perc talk, told her come here, we’ll be back
I’m going in with no glove, mask
I like mmm, mmm, mmm, I fuck with Zs and I fuck with slime
N***** be talking, they one of my kind
Hop out this bitch and hit him with a 9
Hop out this bitch, I hit him with a stick
Hop out, bot bitch all on my dick
I told her I want to flip
They know I’m a red nose pit