Spoon – Lucifer On The Sofa Lyrics and Tracklist


Spoon Lucifer On The Sofa Album Lyrics



Artiste: Spoon

Album: Lucifer On The Sofa

Genre: Alternative

Date: February 11

Year: 2022



Spoon Lucifer On The Sofa Tracklist

1. Held Lyrics

2. The Hardest Cut Lyrics

3. The Devil & Mister Jones Lyrics

4. Wild Lyrics

5. My Babe Lyrics

6. Feels Alright Lyrics

7. On the Radio Lyrics

8. Astral Jacket Lyrics

9. Satellite Lyrics

10. Lucifer On The Sofa Lyrics

“It’s just a rock ’n’ roll record,” Britt Daniel says of Lucifer on the Sofa, his Texas outfit’s 10th LP. “And it’s a record that sounds to me like good times, for the most part.” That description holds true, from the canyon-like groove of “Held” (a cover of fellow Austinite Bill Callahan’s 1998 original) to the lightheaded romance of “My Babe”, a song Daniel calls “a declaration of genuine love”. The idea was to make an album like they would have when they first started in the ’90s, when every song had to feel finished before they stepped into a studio. “We were more of a bar band then,” he says. “That’s all we were doing, rehearsing to play gigs at little bars or clubs in Austin. Playing as a band first and working the songs up together was a guiding principle for how the record turned out, with the spirit that it did.”

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