Softwilly – GRUNK Lyrics


GRUNK Lyrics by Softwilly (feat. void, BabySantana, Yung Kage, XANAKIN SKYWOK, Sadfriendd & LEX PAIN)


Wrist (Yeah), hurt (Yeah)
Fuck with me, get cursed
Play with me, that llama
It gon’ get the burst
Spittin’ hollow tips (Bit)
It can get you burnt (‘Kay)
Bitch, I feel like Rick
How I shoot you out this Earth
(Tactical nuke incoming)
($upreme, you’re a bitch)
Burn, burn, burn, burn
Burn, burn, burn, burn
Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn
I’m Grunk

Shoot that boy up in the head and he crossed eyed
He had no vision, but now he see both sides
Servin’ the block with a suit and a bow tie
Built for this shit, bitch, I don’t need a co-sign
Ride in the whip with a blick
If he talkin’ that shit then he gone, he missin’ with no sign
Blood in my cup and its filled to the brim with the AK
I line ’em up shoutin’ out showtime (Yeah, yeah)
Ate me a devil fruit, I feel like Luffy (Yeah, yeah)
Stretchin’ my money, she throw me that pussy (Yeah, yeah)
Don’t fuck with no snakes but I copped me some Gucci (Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh)
Related to savages like Young Nudy
Got like three bitches, can’t fit in a two seat
Got me a Glock and I’m doin’ the toosie slide (Huh, huh, pussy)
Bitch, this the clique
I like all my wrists slit
I like all my bitches thick (Yeah)
I hit they walk with a limp (Yeah, goddamn)
Okay, tellin’ he poppin’ but know his CD be floppin’
I know his shawty be slobbin’ on my dick, mhm (Yeah)
He thought that we’re gonna one-on-one, I’m pullin’ up with the stick, huh

Super smash, I’m fast, I’m feelin’ it
Adrenaline, red, my head, I’m killin’ this
Side beams, eye beams, red beams, night screams
Bitch, you gonna feel my fuckin’ wrath if you smite me
Like woah, I think that I might just lose control
Yeah, drank some kerosene, I might explode
Twenty-five shooters in the fold, twenty-five shooters in the fold

He thought that my choppa was gay how it came out the closet
And I ain’t tryna talk to a pussy nigga if it ain’t ’bout that money and profit
I just slide down the block with a stick on my side with my niggas to make a deposit
All my niggas be with it, we don’t do the talkin’ and sure as hell don’t do the gossip (Yeah)
Pussy boy runnin’ like Tay K (Yeah)
Up the Glock, make him do the Nae Nae (Yeah)
How you talkin’ that shit when you got a pistol, my nigga, and I got a AK? (Yeah)
Run up on me, you dyin’ in broad day
Bring your homies, they dyin’ the same way
And I’m airin’ the block with a AR-15, got the whole set screamin’ Mayday

He don’t want the smoke, we gon’ run in your house
The chop on my hip, put the blick in his mouth
I catch you in public, I’m clickin’, I’m clickin’, I’m clickin’, until I give that boy some clout
Choppa make him sad, make that lil’ boy pout
And I got some shooters, came up from the south
Once you get three strikes then your out
I know what you rap, you ain’t ’bout it
She want me ’cause I’m clouted
Choppa on me got ’em poutin’
Beatin’ ’em up, baby, Chris Brown
Kick him out the crib and then I say bye-bye
He watchin’ my moves just like it was sci-fi
We smokin’ his pack shout out to Lil’—
Glocky on me, yeah it sound like (Ba, ba)
She finna eat me like some—

Wait, I’m burnin’ up like a heater in December
Boy wanna talk but that boy will get dismembered
Pull up on him and I shoot where he remember
Walk in this bitch and I pull up with my members
Walk in this bitch with a blade, he gettin’ severed
Empty the clip, I’m in love with squeezin’ levers
I can’t love a bitch ’cause I know she think she clever
Full metal jacket, it’s rainin’, check the weather
It’s a warning, grab my Glock
If you walk in this bitch then you finna get shot
I got a bitch at the crib and she givin’ me top
And the pussy so wet, it get hit with a mop
I cut up the beat like a fuckin vasectomy
I got a bitch in the crib and she testin’ me
If she doin’ her job ’cause the bitch keep on neckin’ me
I came in this bitch with the light but no destiny

All my niggas with it, yo girl give me lip, she fitted
Her dome on my dick and like a fitted hat, don’t quit it (What?)
She gon’ suck and kiss it, VSS like pussy drippin’
Dominican misses, with the choppa, leave you missin’
Better keep me up because I’m goin’ fast and now slow
I’m a bastard, you a hoe, come unfasten on my bone
I don’t wanna spend my pennies on Henny, but I be drinkin’ plenty
Twenty times I fucked a bitch, usin’ the same lines when I’m drunk

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