Sleeping With Sirens – Apathetic Lyrics


Apathetic Lyrics by Sleeping With Sirens


I keep digging up graves
No hope to be saved, I start to decay
I cut off both my wings and now I’m falling from grace
(I’m falling from grace)

How did we get to this place?
I’m out of my mind – a hopeless case
Cut off both my wings, I’m falling
Right back on my knees, I’m crawling

No hope, no wishing
Just give me something to believe in

We’re lost and apathetic
As we stare into the world unknown
Say we don’t get it
Maybe it’s better if we let this go
Don’t tell me to forget it
I think it’s time that I let you know
No, we won’t regret it
Don’t wanna hear you sayin’ that I told you so

I’ve been out on my own
Face down in the dirt I wait by the phone
I’m hoping for a call, but there is nobody there
You don’t care at all

Been staring down the barrel of a loaded gun
Finger on the trigger nowhere left to run

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Apathetic
  • Performed by: Sleeping With Sirens
  • Written by: Andrew Marcus Baylis, Jack Fowler, Kellin Bostwick
  • Genre: Rock
  • Album: Complete Collapse
  • Release Date: 14 October, 2022