SleazyWorld Go – Sleazy Flow Lyrics


Sleazy Flow Lyrics by SleazyWorld Go


Aye, aye, aye
Grrt (Uh-uhm)

Last opp we caught was at the store, we had to straighten (Skrrt)
Lil’ bro hopped out trippin’ with that switch and he done faced ’em (Grrrt)
They shot, they shot, frrt frrt, they couldn’t save ’em
We the ones gettin’ busy up in the city, that’s on my baby
They block like a drive-thru, ask the opps how much we slide through
Ain’t beefin’ witchu, they family, you get caught then you gon’ die too
Hol’ on, hol’ on, hol’ on, hol’ on, hol’ on, hol’ on
Stop the whip, let me out, this chopstick gon’ leave him open like a zip (Zzzz)
Zip ’em up, tell buddy no mask to come and pick ’em up
N***** fakin’, actin’ like they thug life, till we hit em’ up
Lot of n***** don’t like me, for what? I ain’t even did shit (I ain’t even did nun)
Make his bitch take dick to the head, I ain’t even hit yet

How you mad she choosin’ me? I like what she do to me
She say she feel safer over here, this where the shooters be
She say ain’t no paper up over there, shit she barely eatin’
Can barely feed himself, she told me help, this n**** barely feed me
We don’t do the social tweak, these n***** too internet
Goin’ live tryna talk about who got shot, we don’t get into that
Keep leavin’ it up in the streets for me, I ain’t tryna go to jail
Keep mentionin’ my name in all of your posts, it ain’t hard to tell
If you get smoke, don’t come lookin’ for me, n****, you dumb as hell
This bitch think I love her, oowee, she must be drunk as hell
I can’t live no suck bitch, I love how they suck dick
Once I get my nut off bitch, I’m skatin’ like some Trukfit