Skilla Baby – Icky Vicky Vibes Lyrics


Icky Vicky Vibes Lyrics by Skilla Baby


I grew up fast. I was stuck and young.
All my bitches wanted to meet my mama cuz they love her son.
I’m a felon still ride around with like a hundred guns
Put a different pair of shoes on and start another run.

Huh? These bitches icky. Gimme Vicki vibes
N***** Timmy and they gimme pick me vibes
every time they see me elevating they get teary eyed.
Coulda lost my life a couple times. It was clearly God.
N***** fear the guys.
Only thing I fear is God.
Only thing I hear is God.
When I’m in my fear of God
Beefing make these n***** high
We come quick like Jimmy Johns
Put a sweet potato on the Mac.
Like n**** pick y’all side.

We be trying to catch these n***** slipping.
They don’t never slide.
You gotta know the revolution gonna be televised.
It’s a n**** somewhere with his phone using metal wise
every week I leave a state. I’m trying to find a better vibe.
I gotta hustle.
I can’t take no L cause I gotta pay my bills and all my bitches want Chanel.
20,000 on my pendant, couple on my bill.
Let my AR sing, it shake the table. Call it K Michelle.

N**** got bitch. I like I steal her like [?]
I ain’t got no weed for you to smoke, baby I sell.
I hope God gonna let me into heaven. I made it through hell.
A lot of n***** want to see me fall to say that I fell.
Wake up, put my shoes on baby get our trues on.
I be fresh to death.
Might put Mike Amiri on my tombstone.
All my AR’s full pull up by myself. Get all the goons gone.
I’m gonna move on. If she don’t wanna get head
my big bro crip, he mad as hell he gotta sip the red.
It’s a lot of hoe n***** wanna see me dead
in my house, at a hotel. They never see my bed.
Me versus me.
All my hoes like rich n*****.
We ain’t tripping about the hoes.
You never see me with no simp n*****.
All of us have six figures or at least we up enough to get you disfigured.

My brother bleed but I got a family full of crip n*****
that go by F and f.
I be by myself
That’s when I’m at my best
cuz I can’t call a lot of n***** to clean up my mess.
I hustle on my own.
custo on my phone.
Nita on my other lines.
My sister tired of her friend telling her brother fine
Mike Amiri
don’t come near me. Huh?
I be having days, I only talk to Siri.
I took the tent out my buffs to see shit clearly.
Nito say I gotta go support my cousin at his hearing.
I been in that room before.
You know I feel you bro.
It ain’t never easy face of time, you know. I feel you though.
It’s only gonna make you stronger.
It ain’t kill you bro.

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Icky Vicky Vibes
    Performed by: Skilla Baby
    Written by: Trevon Khali Gardner
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: We Eat The Most
    Release Date: 16 December, 2022