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She Her Her Hers Silver Rain Lyrics

Silver Rain Lyrics


Lyrics for “Silver Rain”


小雨みたい 言葉さえ
ないまま 受け入れたい
君の声 そのまま 染み込んでゆくように
蝕んでいかないで きまぐれ にわか雨

消えてった 確かなものは一つもない 雨催い

気付けばもう 体温もないまま
背けてたい 大人のフリしたまま
透き通ってゆくたび 分かるよ
汚いって 気まぐれ 言わないで

ゆらめいた雫吸い込まれ 消えてった
確かなものは君の目の silver rain

冬めいた朝に吸い込まれ 消えてった
確かなものは一つもない 雨催い


Lyrics for “Silver Rain” (English Version)


Even words like light rain
I want to accept without
Your voice soaks in as it is
Don’t erode her, she’s a shower

Inhaled in the winter morning
There is nothing certain that has disappeared Rain event

If you notice it, you will not have any body temperature anymore
I want to turn away I’m pretending to be an adult
You can see it every time it’s transparent
Don’t be capricious about being dirty

The shimmering drops were sucked in and disappeared
The sure thing is silver rain in your eyes

I was sucked in on a winter morning and disappeared
There is no certainty







Song title: silver rain

Performed by: She Her Her Hers

Written by: とまそん and 高橋啓泰

Produced by:

Source: Conditioner Label