Shadow of Intent – Elegy II: Devise Lyrics


Elegy II: Devise Lyrics by Shadow of Intent


Desolate, a sea of rubble and debris
They’ve come to avenge their burning lands
Desecrate, the city crumbles under their feet
The pestilent forage of all who remain
Nevertheless, this headlong struggle for supremacy persists throughout our history
From ancient ages to modern times, these untold atrocities have amassed
Permeating the ground
The soil soaks up their blood
Divest this reaping hand
Two alphas cannot share the fruits of existence
Treacherous tales unfold as the undying hour of bloodshed reaps and sows the weary and the weak
Powers of new blood now play god with maniacal ease
They shall enslave all
So we sing ourselves to sleep
When the strong overtake the week
The cities burn, the bridges bend
Now we lay our heads to rest
The winds of change oust the inept
Powers come and go
A fool’s existence subject to their terms
Loss roams on neglected
Some eyes have not seen a day
Spared of loss, litany, anguishing pain
Sterile of reasoning
Hopeless, it’s hopeless
Trying to outwit the colossal construct of life itself
No matter where you are in this world, you’ll always have what they want
Defaced human creations
Memoirs of fallen cultures blanket the blood red ground
Defaced human creations
Memoirs of fallen cultures