Sarz ft. WurlD – Nobody Wins Interlude Lyrics

Sarz Wurld I Love Girls With Trobul Lyrics

Sarz ft. WurlD – I Love Girls With Trobul Lyrics

Sarz Nobody Wins Interlude Lyrics

Sade! What’s up now? Yunno,
I mean you’ve just been kind of down
Is it because of that same guy, like what’s happening?
Girl! (Sigh)

After we broke up, I’ve just been a little
I dont know, you know how I feel now,
He said he was gonna call me when he was back in town,
It’s been three weeks now,
Haven’t heard from him, dunno if I should text.
Like, I honestly don’t know what to do.

I mean… I know this is over and I might as well forget about him
But I really like this is connection, my body just tingles ahh!
Your body is tingling for the D!

What you need is proper D! Sho ti bo!
Get out there and get you some jump off D!
Do you understand?
Something to take your mind off of this guy.
I. I won’t lie,
I’ve had some jump off D that was good, I still…

Written by; Sarz & WurlD
Produced by; Sarz
Released date; 27th July 2020

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