Sam Tinnesz – Made You Cool Lyrics


Made You Cool Lyrics by Sam Tinnesz


i don’t get what all the hype is
you don’t even know what nice is
i remember when you were the shy kid
now you’re climbing
and it’s sad
cause we could’ve been the bestest
but then you got all selfish
say you don’t remember where your knife is
oh you left it
in my back

i feel used like a cheap pair a shoes
yeah my skin’s turning red
trying to scratch off this tattoo
i feel wrecked smashing shit in my head
screaming under my breath
oh god what did i do

I made you cool
i regret it
i made you cool
don’t forget it
can’t believe you jacked all of my friends
karma’s gonna get you in the end
i hate that i made you cool

when did you get so obnoxious
you walk in and i get nauseous
call it whatever you want to call it
but don’t call us friends

i feel used pulling my parachute
wishing we never met
burning photos of you

are you numb enough yet
can you sleep at night
you’re a little shit don’t even lie
yeah i only i know you’re fake inside
don’t even lie
(i’m wondering why)

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