Russ Millions – Pisces Lyrics


Pisces Lyrics


Millions, I been charting for ages,
Baba milly up in her playlist,
Killing it, give her wood, she can’t take it,
Dick in it, bust my nut, let her taste it,
Diligent, tender touch, nothing basic,
Pickling, Pick her then make her shake it,
Climax, course I left her leg shaking,
Figure 8, love my legs I Can’t break it,
I ain’t got no manners, them man yap yap,
Ain’t causing damage, bu dum bap bap,
Watch him lose his balance,
My girls bouji but her man’s a savage,
Facety but I don’t mind a challenge,
Reflex, got an amazing talent,
Diva, pulling me close can’t manage,
Sativa, bun nuff weed like Wiz Khalifa,
Darkoo, strapped up, ready for diva,
Cognac, Russ ain’t in to tequila,
Russ been lit since Becky & Keisha,
Gun lean, chat them ah chat like Tenisha
Jumpy, when I’m on stage it’s a wheel up,
Dot dot , brang that round to Sabrina’s,
S splash make jouice spill couple litres

Got the drop on homies address,
You know bro don’t rest,
Salah man with the right, box man with the left,
You know koof kuff kweff,
It’s R I P if the young boy chef,
Now your bro on a t shirt like Corteiz,
Obviously gyal just hop on,
Doggy that girl with crocs on,
We them boys, they tryna get drops on,
Cause I got a serious watch on,
Man that I walk with, certy,
Spin that, sturdy,
Lord have mercy,
Bro just bust that, thanks to the barrister,
Real mad man, hand ting carrier,
Shows in Greece, had shanks in Malia,
Different calibre, bang,
Threw that mash, cos the feds were catching up,
Lost that arm like Jamie Lannister,
Like girl foreign with the language barrier,
Big back, Fatima

That tough talk better cut right down,
Cos the things that we got for a stranger,
Will turn your world upside down,
Round here’s not safe you,
Your grandma better pray for you,
On your ends like Tems, I told the young g’s wait for you,
In a stolen with a pole in,
Doing all that trolling to be holding,
KD phoning free the brodem
Keep my wrist frozen like it’s swollen,
I don’t wanna lotion no emotion,
Tings skin golden, remove clothing,
Whole ting soaking when I’m stroking,
Like a ocean, Is it me or the VVS,
Broke boys give me PTS,
Opp boys wanna see me stressed,
Lil bro on the PDF,
Lil bro make the K pop, BTS,
French ting gimme EE text,
Saying she wanna come London, EasyJet,
But my west tings here, can’t see me yet,
Na na na

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Pisces
    Performed by: Russ Millions, Krept & Konan
    Written by: Carlos Custardoy Delpon, Casyo Johnson, Joshua Guzman, Karl Wilson, Shylo Millwood
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: One Of A Kind
    Release Date: 24 February, 2023