Real Lies – Ethos Lyrics


Ethos Lyrics by Real Lies


Skylights search the night
Got a head like a train wreck
But you’re dressed up sharp as knives
And you’re not going home yet
From the corridors of Whitehall
To the stolen towers of Battersea
All I know is that I won’t go to bed alone
Faces pouring past us
Got big love for the lost boys
We never do so don’t ask us
Hear the cracks in your voice
From the human potential of this space
To the wincing brakes of city trains
All I know is that I won’t go to bed alone
Take me out driving
In the land of all roads
At home there’s too much silence
And the dark comes too close
From the towns beyond the barriers
To the places we once played
All I know is that I can’t go to bed alone
All pile in for this party
Some rich girl in Wanstead
We’ll finish if you start it
Say the scars on my head
From crisp suburban mornings
To endless city nights
All I know is that I won’t go to bed alone
There’s something new about you
I wish I could do better
Burn money like the KLF
I am the great upsetter
A one-man gang of dread
This world our ethos built
Hard work and big stress
But you’re still dressed to kill
And leave others with the mess

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