Real Lies – Dream On Lyrics


Dream On Lyrics by Real Lies


A deep end to shallow weeks
A look that I’ve been seeking
Since the skies fell on my world
‘She’s arrived,’ I say
Likes the taste
Late licence of a girl
Could you ever see, beside me, second nights?
Do you ever like and cease?
Did you ever for a second reckon I’d be setting down
My days of speed?
Would you, girl? Could you come and save my world?
Could you, girl? I was on the way alone…
Blue, blue world… dreamt that I was hours old
Years of love, took a second: I was sold
Do you ever lie awake?
Are you levitating?
Did the skies fall on your world?
Are you and I the same…
Endless faith
In the rush of other worlds?
Have you counted every siren in the night?
Does the longing let you breathe?
Did you ever for a second reckon I’d be setting down
My days of speed?
There’s a queue
There is a booth
There is a room
There are people
There are lights
There is noise
There is you
There are you…
With your eyes, suddenly like skylights
It’s a feeling I’ve not felt at all
This is something far more visceral
The night is on the rise
Kicks in like Sundays
All my friends with the same crest upon their chest
Hot inside, the ceiling sweats
Don’t say the best is over yet
Your laughter cuts me to pieces
Not here for something sordid
Cos all I’ve got’s a sore lip
Lifts you up by your veins
I come alive in city timings
I sigh with eyes that say
Eternal are these years of love
Eternal are these years of love

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