Raveena – The Internet Is Like Eating Plastic Lyrics


The Internet Is Like Eating Plastic Lyrics by Raveena


The internet is like eating plastic
The internet makes me feel far away from my friends
The internet is mean
The internet is clean
Were telegrams so mean?
Sometimes I wonder what the ends of the internet look like
Is the internet infinite?
The internet has me nostalgic for E-A-R-T-H
Planet earth, haha
The internet has me stupid and smart at the same time
I’m of average intelligence
Maybe above average
But what is average anyways?
Humans are very smart and very dumb
The internet has me planning too much
I don’t need this much information for pricing for a wedding in Bali
For a lover who doesn’t exist
Fuck a wedding, don’t sell me
Gabby has the most beautiful smile
She is becoming one of my best friends
I wonder what would happen if I looked up more

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