Raveena – Let Your Breath Become a Flower (Guided Meditation) Lyrics


Let Your Breath Become a Flower (Guided Meditation) Lyrics by Raveena


Close your eyes
And settle into a comfortable space
Breathing deeply and softly

Let your breath become like a flower
Present with the moment in time
Vibrating softly
Breathing in the fresh air
And rooting yourself into the earth

Spend some time here

Now I want you to imagine yourself
Somewhere where you feel completely safe in the nighttime
And once you find that comfortable space
I want you to imagine
The most expansive sky of stars open up in front of you

The fragrance of night flowers like jasmine and lotus fill the air around you
And you are taken aback by the immense beauty of the cosmos
And the endless amount of stars, sometimes shooting ones, that flicker in front of your mind’s eye

And as you stare into the cosmos
I want you to focus your attention on one star
This star was meant to guide you and provide you with higher messages from higher dimensions

And as you focus in on the star and its light
Start to breathe in deeply
Inhaling its light
Let it flow it deep into your belly
And as you breathe out, gently blow out that light and start to create a protective force field around you From all the suffering in this reality

Sit here and breathe in that light from the star
Concentrating on its unearthly and magical energy
And breathing out that light to create this protective auric field around yourself
So that your whole body is bathing and safe in this bubble filled with energy from the universe

Settle into your protective field of light
In this space, you are unconditionally loved
You are beautiful
You are the manifestations of your desires
You are powerful
You are full of love for yourself and all other humans
You are healing
You are calm
You filled with joy
And breathe out and let go of any negative energy that may not be serving you at this time

Let go of the doubt, of the hurt, of the suffering that is yours or may belong to other people
And let all the negativity sink into Mother Earth to be regenerated into light

If you find any of this negative energy coming back, imagine that this protective field of light around you is gently bouncing all of that off so that what remains inside your aura is pure love

Sit here breathing in and out
Filling this unconditional love swimming around you

Feel this light traveling throughout your body
Cleansing you of any pain
And repeat to yourself that you
Are love
You are powerful
You are made from the same divine energy of the universe
You are the manifestations of your desires
You are peace

Gently move your body, bringing awareness back into your earthly self
Thank yourself for recognizing your divinity today

As you gently come back into this dimension, remember that this space of unconditional loving and protective field of light is always here for you to return to

Born again
Born again
Born again
Born again
Born again
Born again
Born again
Born again
Born again
Born again

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